About us

Family Tide Rentals Corp. was established by two sisters in 2016. 20160605_132907 The idea was formed while sitting one sunny spring afternoon watching their children on the Port Elgin Beach. The air was comfortable but the water was still too cold to enjoy.  Their love of the water made the kids want to tempt fate.  They ran towards the water and ran away from incoming waves.  The beach excursion came to a tearful end, when misjudgement caused laughter to be replaced with screeches of cold wet feet.

We realized that Saugeen Shores beaches were missing something.  To enjoy the water when it was cold, equipment such as, a boat, a canoe or a kayak were required.  Even when the water is warm, this equipment demands maturity and experience, plus it is pretty pricey.

We used our backgrounds in customer service, retail management, property management, business management, finance and accounting to begin the search for a water activity suitable for almost all ages, water temperatures, and wave conditions.

With a ton of research, world travel, and a remarkable business connection, this modest idea has become our reality… Family Tide Rentals is prepared to provide a new product and service to Saugeen Shores, which combines our two passions: Water and Biking.

They are called Hydrobikestm!